Michał Majdak

Kinetic composition with oil

The concept of a kinetic work was born during a study of a musical composition. The kinetic composition with oil is a formal change which, like music, happens in time. In order to avoid illustrating The Solitude of Sounds by Tomasz Sikorski, I chose the musical transformation of this piece as the main principle of my work. The aforementioned transformation in Sikorski’s
Solitude of Sounds can be presented as a vast black lake, which with the growing number of sound stimuli becomes a monumental, dominant sound obelisk. One of the most important sources of inspiration has also been the disaster of 1937 – the fall of the Hindenburg airship. The fire of a perfect artefact and its transformation into a heap of burnt scrap metal illustrate the dramatic transformation of a form saturated with emotion. The presented work uses motion in a similar way to create its own tension, it tells the stories about its own matter. It rises, grows and assumes a dominant role towards the viewer when its height begins to exceed theirs, and then it reaches its zenith and falls. It is like a looped musical piece that you can experience
forever. The shape of the work depends on the target space in which it is located; the annex to the degree piece presents a version arranged at the Monumental 3 gallery in the new building of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (2020).

(born 1991)
Studies: Faculty of Design (first-cycle, 2011-2015) and Faculty of Sculpture (second-cycle, 2016-2018) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, design at Leeds Metropolitan University (first-cycle, 2014). Scholarship of the Marshal of the Mazowieckie Province for the implementation of the degree piece (2017). Works with sculpture and design. Second prize in The Modern Patriotism competition organized by the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and the World Makes Sense Foundation for the film Flag (2013). Designer at tylko.com (2015-2017) and KABO & PYDO (since 2017).