Anna Banout

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SYRIA 2087

Drawing on the past, analyzing the present and speculating about the future, SYRIA 2087 is a reflection on development, decay, and everything in between. Syria’s tradition and culture are interwoven with the stories of Mars, emphasizing the analogy between them, and seeking common points of reference. SYRIA 2087 is a collection of objects – or rather stories translated into the language of an object – created as an attempt to preserve elements of culture in a new form that may be saved from oblivion.

(born 1993)
Graduated from the Faculty of Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2017). Designer and art director. In her work she tries to blur the boundaries between the object and the emotion, the craft and the technology, the process and the object. Her works were presented at Gdynia Design Days, Łódź Design Festival, Ambiente Frankfurt, Maison&Objet Paris and many other places in Poland and abroad. Finalist of the international 2017 Diploma Selection Designblok degree piece competition in Prague. Designer for Tre Product brand. She lives and works in Berlin.