Anna Uścińska De Rojas

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It tightens. Rises. Falls. The shoreline keeps redefining.

The world is a construct – it begins when it is spotted by the eye, and named by the thought. The language is dense, the limits of concepts keep buzzing, they extend, they shrink. Having the power over language means setting the order of thing. Giving names outlines elements, orders, sets limits. In an elegant manner it builds prototype objects but it misses the remaining ones, the ones on the edge. The edge cases – here the reality quivers and throbs, acquires and loses.

Determining central values for sets of concepts seems easy, two prototypes located at a safe distance from each other – and you can see space hanging between them. But the edges of two adjacent objects seem to blur, disintegrate, dissolve. An attempt to cut off things accurately from their surroundings shows that they begin to move, swell, and enter a state in which they do not seem to fit in. Depending on the precision concepts, the need and intention, the edge can be determined somewhere else.

My piece addresses the relationship between the language and the world. It puts the question, how the fact of using the language and assumed precision shape being in the world and affect setting the limits. It attempts to show that the world is a homogenous creation, devoid of stiff divisions. All classifications – like biological ones – already alive, not living; social and political – you are there, I am here; there is yours, here is mine, scientific, and any others result not from the nature of the world but from the practice of life, the cognition and recognition in the form of the language.

(born 1985)
Studied at the Faculty of Graphic Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (first-cycle 2013–2016, bachelor’s degree piece with Rector’s honours, second-cycle from 2016) and at the Faculty of Philosophy, USKW (Master’s degree, 2004–2009), scholarship at the Universitat de València in Spain (2007–2008). Works with space. Creates installations, objects, video. Paints. She participated in group exhibitions, including Museum of Linen Industry in Żyrardów (National Exhibition of Best Degree Pieces form Public Art Schools), Audiovisual Technology Center in Wrocław. Author of site-specific installations in Poland, Spain and Venezuela.