Ewelina Bunia

Set and costume design based on Tatyana Tolstaya’s novel „The Slynx”

It is a project of set and costume design for an anti-utopian novel, depicting the vision of the world after an unspecified Blast. As a result of this catastrophe, Moscow becomes a wooden-hut settlement and its residents are survivors and newborns with various mutations. The set world created by me refers to the absurd present in the new social system and the longings of people who survived. The new world is ruled by stupidity and primitivism, which was a great inspiration for me to create new places, props and change the purpose of surviving objects. The question very important to me during design work was: what could be left of us if the blast took place now?

(born 1993)
Studied stage design at the University of Arts in Poznan (first-cycle, 2013-2016) and Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (second-cycle, 2016-2018). Works in stage, set, event, music video and costume design. Jerzy Moskal Set Design Award for the best bachelor-degree project in the field of theatre, Festival of New Stage Design (2016). A winner of the competition for production design to Hamster Tiger, Teatr Animacji, Poznań (2015). She worked, among others in Białystok Puppet Theater, T. Łomnicki Nowy Theater in Poznań and as a costume designer at A. Fredro Theatre in Gniezno. Author of film and theater etudes.