Jędrzej Fiett

Zero footprint – a set of biodegradable furniture

A set of Zero footprint furniture is my answer to the problem of the modern model of consumption, where lifecycle of a product is often very short and many goods are wasted.

Instead of fighting it, I offer a solution in the form of a set of furniture, made only with biodegradable materials, allowing for clean processing. At the same time, the forms used engaged a minimum amount of energy and specialized tools in the production process.

An important aspect of the furniture is their double nature. On the one hand, they constitute a marketable product, satisfying the utilitarian and aesthetic needs of consumers, and on the other, independently of the user’s actions, they care about the environment without becoming waste by the end of their lifespan.

(born 1994)
Studies at the Faculty of Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2013-2018). Works in deisgn and product design. He cooperated with Studio Robot – co-author of exhibition projects: Telecommunications, Warsaw Uprising Museum, Warsaw (2016); Journey to Edo, National Museum in Warsaw (2017); Uncovered – covered. Man and woman in traditional Muslim communities, Asia and Pacific Museum, Warsaw (2017). Third prize in an international design competition organized by Samsonite (2017).