Joanna Zygma


Modulo is a piece of furniture designed for small and medium-sized apartments. High real estate prices often do not allow the purchase of a large, dream apartment and often force the buyer to economise at the expense of the square footage. With this in mind, I created a comfortable, modular multifunctional piece of furniture, “tailored” to an apartment. In the smallest possible space, I managed to fit as many functions as possible, that is sitting, lying down (minimum two modules connected with a wedge), rest, storage, while maintaining fundamental aesthetic qualities. Depending on the space at disposal, we can use the appropriate number of modules.

(born 1991)
Studies at the Faculty of Interior Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (first-cycle 2013-2016, second-cycle 2016-2018). Fields of artistic activity: painting, drawing, graphic, interior and furniture design. Designer in the BS-D design studio.