Kornelia Dzikowska

Thing about desire

The spatial form is a transparent bag with water measuring 3 x 3.5 m. Freely placed, it takes on a shape dictated by the material and pressure. Its geometry is not imposed, it is decided by randomness. Water – the matter which essentially does not have its own shape – gives form to this composition. All the softness, folds of the object give the impression of control over matter, but leave an element of uncertainty. It is complemented with an image in which the minimal border shift poses a lethal threat.

It’s so hard to determine the exact moment of danger: when we can afford more, and when it is too much.

The installation is a reflection on things that – like water – do not have their form by nature. Just as human desire takes the form of our strivings. But this abstract mass conceals certain potential – the inner force which threatens with uncontrolled spillage.

(born 1990)
Studied at the Faculty of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2014-2018) and at ABK Stuttgart (2016) and UdK Berlin (2017) under Erasmus+ Programme. Awarded twice with a scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for outstanding artistic achievement (2015/16, 2016/17). Laureate of the Rectors’ Prize at the international exhibition 2018 Esteemed Graduates of Academies of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. She is the author of spatial and multimedia installations, often of site-specific nature. She fantasizes about reality, creating stage design and costumes for theatre productions.