Magdalena Romanowska

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Codex Iuris Lubschicensis is a valuable source on the fifteenth-century Silesia, located on the borderland of cultures. Author of the code’s decorations, Johannes von Zittau, developed his illumination technique among miniature painters at the court of Wenceslas IV in Prague, and then, most likely as a result of the Hussite revolution, moved to Wrocław. The book – a symbol of former glory of the town – was stored in the town hall until 1945, then it was lost. It was found in 2002, but it never returned to Głubczyce: it was placed in the National Archive in Opole.

(born 1994)

Studies at the Faculty of Visual Culture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2013–2016). Scholarships: Rector’s scholarship for the best students of the Academy in the years 2014/15 and 2015/16, John Paul II Scholarship from the City of Warsaw (2015/16). President of the Art History Club (2013/14). Traineeships: State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw (2014), Plato Gallery in Ostrava (2015). VP for the “Przyszłość” Association which has conducted cultural activities with youth from rural regions (since 2015). Co-coordinated Wiano [Dowry] project, State Ethnographic Museum (2014–2015), coordinated Local villages photo project under the programme Equal Opportunities (2015–2016). Traineeship at the Moravian Gallery in Brno (2016).