Maria Pałejko

Constraints. A collection of vases inspired by „Life A User’s Manual” by Georges Perec

Constrains is a collection of vases inspired by the book Life A User’s Manual by Georges Perec, a member of OuLiPo experimental literary group. By using constraints, i.e. formal rigours drawn from the method of creating novels by Perec, I wanted to create objects whose form and adornment would be decided arbitrarily by imposed rules. Following the general list of elements used by Perec to create a structure and narrative in the novel and based on an analysis of the history of ceramics, I developed a set of sixteen features to determine the shape, graphical motif, glaze type and technique of decorating each vase. Following the knight’s tour on the table where I listed all the features, I received four lists of constraints for four different vases. Like Perec, I did not treat my constraints as a must. I decided that they exist also so I can bend them.

(born 1990)
Studied at the Institute of the History of Art of the University of Warsaw (first-cycle 2009-2012, second-cycle 2014-2016), the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw (first-cycle 2012-2016), the Faculty of Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (second-cycle 2016-2018). Works in graphic design. Participant of a group exhibition Warsaw Home (2018). Currently, runs her own design studio tuPałejko.