Mariusz Bonna

Corporeality. Between matter and impression

I am looking for a border between the named and unnamed. I am trying to answer whether the recipient and their emotions are more strongly influenced by corporality called, structured, or only suggested. Does corporeality function only together with the body, or is it built by phenomena that result from the body’s action?

Impulsive actions are for me “a soul X-ray” and more often affect emotions and truth than those more literally reflecting reality.

Many of these works were repeatedly processed – photographed, printed, reprinted, displayed on the monitor screen, photographed again, using multiple exposures and traditional printmaking techniques. These actions resulted in the loss of materiality of the presented objects but surprisingly did not cause the loss of their corporeality.

(born 1977)
Studies: Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Gdańsk University of Technology (1997-2001), multimedia image at the Warsaw School of Arts (first-cycle 2011-2015), Faculty of Graphic Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (second-cycle 2015-2018, third-cycle since 2018). Rector’s scholarship for the best students of the Academy (2015/2016, 2016/2017, 2017/2018). Fields of artistic activity: photography, graphic arts, multimedia. Manager in Deloitte Digital Experience Design department.