Marta Lachowska

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We do not talk about love at all

Where do we come from, who are we, where do we go to? In my work I address the issues of the world around me. I try to reflect my own struggles with today’s reality as well as man’s in general. We all want love, attention, acceptance and understanding, but when it comes to a meeting of two people, it turns out that we do not know how to talk to each other, we do not know how to listen, how to express feelings. Through my art, I would like to draw people’s attention to here and now, so that they started talking about love in the world of violence, alienation, and exaggerated ego.

(born 1978)
Studies: Faculty of Graphic Arts and Teachers’ College of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2011–2017). Works in printmaking, graphic design, drawing, painting and performance. She led a theatre company Juzkownia – a production The Rape of Lucrece by Shakespeare (2008–2009). Participant of the KISSPRINT 2016 group exhibition, Warsaw and artNoble competition – the best art degree pieces in Poland at the M{i}aSTO/a Gwiazd Interdisciplinary Festival of Fine Arts, Żyrardów (2017). Winner of the special prize in the OW ZASP Grafiteka 2017 competition. Collaborated the A. Zelwerowicz Academy of Theatre in Warsaw.