Paulina Wójtewicz

CONFLUENCE – development of the Vistula waterfront in Płock

Confluence is a synthesis of all the design ideas that have been swirling through my head and implemented over the years at the Faculty of Interior Design. In the unconventional concept of development of Vistula river shoreline in Płock, I have achieved what is most important to me – a place for a man who can coexist with, interact with, and receive stimuli from. This ideal design reaction between the recipient and place happens against the background of nature. It is important to realize the encounter taking place here – a flowing, dynamic river and still, fixed land. The limits of these two contrasting worlds, the line is the problem addressed in my project. Soft and flexible water touches the hard stone shore, which changes its character, reflecting these encounters in a variety of sounds, colours and forms.

(born 1993)
Studies at the Faculty of Interior Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (first-cycle 2013-2016, second-cycle 2016-2018). Honours – for her BFA thesis and in the competition The Rhythm of Light – A place for art in cultures of the world for her project Blackness (2017).