Piotr Dudek

Dudek News – the illustrated news provider

Dudek News is a visual interpretation of the contemporary information buzz. Every day, we feed on information kebab, which we twist ourselves. We experience a growing need to fill the emptiness with shredded, random and unnecessary messages. We do not delve into the context and we slide on the surface. Dudek News is supposed to be an X-ray of the brain tired of sliding for hours, but still not satisfied.

(born 1989)
Studies: political science at the University of Birmingham (2008-2011); Faculty of Graphic Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2012-2018). He works in drawing, painting, printmaking, illustration, and animation. Paintings and drawings in private collections at home and abroad. Group exhibitions, including: Sto*Disegnando/Rysuję!!!, V9 Gallery, Warsaw (2014); Förderprojekt Junge Kunst, Galerie Zulauf, Freinsheim (Germany, 2015). Second prize in the competition for a spot for Legal Culture (co-director Ania Płonka), Gdynia Film Festival (2015). Honorary mention at the Second International Student Drawing Triennial in Katowice (2017).