Weronika Wysocka

Heavy Grief vs. Sweet Charity

Heavy Grief vs Sweet Charity performance is a tale of satisfaction and the lack thereof. It is a picture of the collision of worlds that usually do not have much in common, although they are dependent on each other. Embedded in the subject of complex consequences of overproduction and overconsumption of textiles, the performance attempts to show the impact of these processes on both the reality forced upon an individual, and contemporary global social dependency networks.

(born 1994)
Studies: Faculty of Media Art, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2013-2018) and Faculty of Philosophy, University of Warsaw (since 2018); visual communication at UdK Berlin under the Erasmus + programme (2015) and the Department of Fine Art of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem (2018). The originator of an artistic residence for young artists, Stay in SÅ‚upsk. Fields of artistic activity: performance, installation, video. Participant of many group exhibitions at home and abroad. Solo exhibition: Turbo Gallery, Warsaw (2014). Shortlisted in the competition Hestia Artistic Journey (2017).